I have almost 16 years of teaching and professional experience. Every day I improve my skills, quality and system of education. My school has trained more than 5,000 students.
Examples of my lessons
some of my lessons with different topics
Work of my students
Here are some works of my students from thousand renders.
The process of education
My course workflow
Modelling of building
modelling of interiors and exteriors
Objects modeling
modeling by measurements and optimisation
Cameras and Lights
Physical correct settings of lights and cameras
Physical correct settings of materials
UWV and Unwrap
make texturing coordinates
improving a render
Photogrammetry of city

techniques of modeling city ​​quarters

Photogrammetry of details

completion details

Objects animation
scene animation, cars, lights, cameras
People animation

Crowd simulation

Work with different render engines
settings, light, materials
Design understanding
How learn the skill for architectural visualisation


sketching techniques in Photoshop
Matte Painting
techniques for combine photos with 3D
The method
My method based on copying photos as classical painters make reproduction of famous arts. Copying photos helps to understand light and right settings of materials
All of the works are made for different studios and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them for anything